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Russia stopped gas flows through Nord Stream 2. Russia also reverted their decision to produce more oil, together with OPEC. This reduction of Oil supply, whilst high demand, leads to rising Oil prices. (

The benchmark Dutch TTF October gas contract rose by up to 30% , up €62 to €272 a megawatt hour. 2 (

European Countries filled up their Gas Reservoirs up to over 80% (

Ukraine’s Nazis

Conservative, Republican, Right-Leaning Content Producers side with Russia on the Russian-Ukrainian War issue. Influencers on TikTok and Rumble ( do side with Russia on the aforementioned issue, by repeating the issues with Nazis, Partying in Kiev, and Hunter Biden Laptop. Regardless of whether you think those issues happened are real or not, they do not give a nation (Russia) the right to brutally attack a country (Ukraine) and murder tens of thousands of people along the way.

Ukrainian People might be partying in a club in Kiev. Ukrainian Family might organize a birthday party for their loved once. There might be a wedding. Half of the Country Ukraine is not actively fighting with Russia forces. This western half is purpossfully kept in good health to support the vital parts of the economy. The food industry, the energy infrastructure industry, the industry related to the millitary operations – and taxes. The government needs taxes to pay our pensions, to pay up debts, to (re-)build roards, police stations, hospitals, schools and other government facilities.