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Escalation inside Ukraine

On 10.10.2022 Russian launched around 80+ missles to Ukraine, targeted and destroyed critical infrastructures. As Russian official say, this massive attack on the “Kiyv” regime is an answer to the “terrorist act” on the Kerchen/Crimea bridge.

Escalation inside Russia

With the occupied and illegally annected Ukrainian Regions bein attacked and freed by Ukrainian Army, Russia must think that these attacks are attacks on the Russia itself. Ukrainian special forces detonated a truck or a train wagon on the Russian built Kerchen Bridge in Crimea

Escalation in Europe

A minor incident in Northern Germany destabilized the train communication system for a few hours. The German “Bundeskriminalamt” thinks that it’s possible a state-actor executed this task. The LKA (Landeskriminalamt) says that this Sabote Act was most probably just a test, to see the re-actions of German Authorities and Executive Power.

In my presonal opinion, now is not the time to find internal groups to put the blame on. Like the Governments like to do, saying it was the left or right wing extremists. Even if one of them executed it, we should look behind the curtain and see who financed and initiated it. Obviously, whoever it was, we need also to get them and prevent similar attacks from hapenning.

We should entertain the thought that there are already many Russian and possibly Chinese “sleepers”, who are directed and financed by the respective Intelligence Arm of their country. Those Sleepers are normal everyday people you see in the office, at the store and at the hospital. But they pledge to their country, is simlar a Religious extremists pledge to her religion. It means, that we have saboteurs living among us. Waiting for instructions from outside.

U.S Forces Retraining

Status Quo: During two decades of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. military has largely come to rely on bulky truck convoys or air resupply to provide soldiers not only bullets and fuel, but also every morsel of food, even at remote combat outposts.

Goal: Military leaders say such lengthy supply chains may not be workable in a potential future large-scale conflict and are preparing troops to be more able to live off the land. They are rolling out lessons on how to source all sorts of food, including meat, through local means.