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Pfizer Revenue in 2021 added up to$ and up to$ for 2022 (

Profit Margin of that revenue is somewhere between 0.6 and 0.7. Gross Profit for 2021 was$ (

In my opinion it is interesting to compare these profits with the millitary budget of nations. I find it interesting because of two reasons. First, with the recent releavings about Purdue Pharma, Sackler Family and their product OxyContin, we learned what the pharma industry is capable of. Willing to kill more than 400,000 People for a few billion dollars. ( If the pharma industry i willing to do that for 4-6 billion dollar profits, how far will they go for 50 billion dollar in profit?

Second, the mere mental gymnastics that your brain does when you realize that Russia with 48.2 billion dollar in millitary spending, owns tanks, weapons, soldiers, missles, rockets, etc. It can take over whole countries by physical force and by psychological attacks with strategically designed propaganda and fake news operations. It can plan assasinations of journalists, politicians, CEOs falling out of windows, etc. All of these inhuman activities are financed with 48.2 billion dollar yearly spending. Pfizer earned 50 billion dollar.

Is it fair to compare the profits of a pharma company to the millitary budgets of other states? Couldn’t you compare any other company making tens of billions of dollars? No. I doubt that Microsoft or Netflix were responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in their own country. I can say that about Purdue Pharma. A many other Companies, including Pfizer and Johnson&Johnson. (–15575?s=11&isLong=0&isVertical=1)

Russian GRU Spy in Europe near NATO

According to U.S Officials, at any time, there are between 10 and 30 active illegals. The GRU is main initiator of such illegals. After the attack with novichok, Russian Operatives (hackers in this case) tried to hack into cyber-sabotage attack on the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons, also in The Hague, which was investigating the nerve agent used in the attack. (

While the GRU, SVR and FSB operations and tactics guides are highly specialised and secret (for illegals), NATO published their Guides on HUMINT publicly. ( One has to note that those publications and written very general, do not compromise any secret tactics and are very old (2006). The so called NATO Centre of Excellence are also publicly available (, even though you do not always have access to the content. It would make much more sense for NATO to market and publicize offensive GRU techniques, rather than your own. This way the public could be more aware of internal spies, fakes, scams, etc.