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Simple to understand description of the events that sparked a war between two Oligarch in Ukraine after 2014 – Petro Poroshenko & Igor Kolomoisky.

A vivid description on the interrelations between Ukrainian Oligarchs, Zelensky, Trump, Burisma & the PrivatBank with Foreign Money Lenders. Kolomoskiy could have stayed a fierce supporter and fighter for Ukraine during the Russian Invasion in 2022. But due to the internal conflicts around the PrivatBank and the alleged theft of 5 billion US Dollar from the PrivatBank, Kolomoisky had to flee. It would be interesting to know why Kolomoisky decided to take out the money from his own company in the first place. Did he know something that the media did not report about, which led him to the decision to escape a sinking boat (PrivatBank or Ukraine)?