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One, of the many reasons why Putin and his gang have little chance of winning the war, is the endless volunteering energy from people from every country and background. People, who love and appreciate peace and freedom – are willing to spend volunteer their time, donate their money and assets to the brave people of Ukraine.

On 17.11.2022 the collaboration between Bamberg UA e.V and HumanaidCollaboration e.V we received and sorted a truck load of 1,3 Million faceamsks (livinguard). The Donator will be omitted for now. Since it was timely critical to either accept or decline the donation, we chose to accept it, even though we don’t have 100% of the receipients on the Ukrainian side. That is why we are now actively working with Ukrainian NGOs to distribute the masks to most vulnerable part of Ukraine. Namely, Kindergadens, Hospitals, Care Units, Elderly Care Units, Doctors, and similar.

Today with the help of our dearest friends, including but not limited to @uschi_schmidt, Dennis Dechnik, @platinum_nuernberg, @cetokus, @franken_hilf_ukraine_, Karl Quint. Special Thanks to Bamberg:UA e.V. for their support with the logistics.

Today we received a donation of 1,3m face masks of all sizes, with and without ventil. As the winter approaches, with the energy grid gravely damaged, Ukrainian People, Hospitals, Kindergarden, and similar will be in great need for such masks. Thank you again for the Donators.

Representatives of Ukrainian Hospitals, Kindergarden, Care Units, and similar, please contact Andriy Bulezyuk or is Dennis Dechnik if you are in need of such masks.

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