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N-13 – Revolutionizing Local & Global Security

N-13 – Revolutionizing Local & Global Security

Revolutionizing Security with N-13: The Startup Dedicated to Promoting Human Values In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, security is of utmost importance, particularly when it comes to protecting human lives from war, terrorist attacks and similar. The...

Facemask Donations for Ukraine

Facemask Donations for Ukraine

One, of the many reasons why Putin and his gang have little chance of winning the war, is the endless volunteering energy from people from every country and background. People, who love and appreciate peace and freedom - are willing to spend volunteer their time,...

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Andrey Bulezyuk was born in Ukraine. Personality Type ENTJ. Before finishing School, he published his book “Algorithmic Trading” for the German Audience. Few years later he published a book for more techy people about Backend Web Development “Django 3 for Beginners”.

Bulezyuk is a Senior Data Engineer and consults Companies like Merck, Deutsche Bahn, Rewe Group, Otto, and other on Topics like Cloud Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineering.

Andrey is highly active in german political stage and humanitarian volunteering projects.

Book “Algorithmic Trading”

Available on Amazon.

andrey bulezyuk buch algorithmisches trading

Book “Django 3 for Beginners”

Available on Amazon.


Available on Amazon.

TwitterFiles Bombshell Revelation how US Government censored Citizens

Ongoing Projects for a better future

German IT Academy Certificate

German IT Academy

Andrey Bulezyuk is a Founder of and acts as a Coach at At German IT Academy. German IT Academy has the Goal to lift Junior IT Specialists to Senior Skill level. On-Site Coaching and On-Demand Courses are the best working methods for this Goal.

Conferences & Speeches

Artificial Intelligence and Investment related Talks at various Public Institutions.

Bulezyuk Giving a talk at university of applied science frankfurt